CLM Community Assembly 2017

Please visit the webpage of the local organizer - University of Graz, Austria - for all other information about the CLM Community Assembly 2017.



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  • Minutes

Materials for CLM Community Assembly 2017


  • CLM-Community for beginners (I. Anders)

Introduction and welcome

  • Overview of the CLM-Community (B. Früh)
  • COSMO News (D. Rieger)
  • News from the COSMO-CLM Model System (B. Rockel)

Plenary presentations I

  • Natural NOx sources – Importance, representations in models and contribution to ozone (M. Mertens, A. Kerkweg, V. Grewe, P. Jöckel)
  • High Resolution Global/Regional Forecasts of Methane with MECO(n) (P. Jöckel, F. Frank, C. Hofmann, A. Kerkweg, M. Mertens, A.-L. Nick)
  • Symmetric, non-dissipative 4th order horizontal schemes in COSMO 5: Impact on the regional climate at resolutions 50 km to 3 km (A. Will, J. Ogaja, M. Woldt)


Plenary presentations II

  • Changes in land-atmosphere coupling due to deforestation in South-East Asia (M. Tölle)
  • European Decadal Climate Variability, Anomalies and Extremes (H. Feldmann, F. Kelemen, N. Laube, J. Mömken,B. Buldmann, S. Brand, H.-J. Panitz)
  • Conditional Evaluation of Hindcast Skill for the European Domain in the MiKlip Decadal Climate Prediction System (S. Brand, B. Früh, H.J. Panitz, H. Feldmann)

Solicited Talk I

  • Added value of convection-permitting scale in simulating future change in extreme precipitation depends on topography and timescale (S. Vanden Broucke, H. Wouters, M. Demuzere, E. van Meijgaard, N. van Lipzig)

Plenary presentations III

  • Scaling and Intensification of Extreme Precipitation in Convection-Resolving Climate Change Simulations (N. Ban, N. Kröner, D. Leutwyler, D. Lüthi, C. Schär)

  • Representation of lightning in the COSMO-CLM (E. Brisson, U. Blahak, C. Pur, S. Herzog, B. Ahrens)

Plenary presentations IV

  • Convection Resolving Evaluation Simulations over Svalbard (A. Dobler, J.E. Haugen)
  • Do convection-permitting models improve the representation of the impact of LUC? (S. Vanden Broucke, N. van Lipzig)
  • Simulations with COSMO-CLM with TERRA-URB parameterization for CORDEX FPS convection permitting scales (M. Raffa , E. Bucchignani, P. Mercogliano)
  • Planetary boundary layer depicted by most recent regional reanalyses (R. Petrik, B. Geyer, B. Rockel)
  • Frontal activity related evaluation of multi-year convection-permitting simulations in the greater Alpine region (H. Truhetz, L. Herbsthofer, A. Csáki, M. Piazza, A. F. Prein)

Plenary presentations V

  • The impact of climate change on intensity and frequency of extreme weather conditions in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Levant (H. Afargan-Gerstman, Y. Levi)
  • Influence of Different Global Forcings and Regionalization Methods on Climate Change Indices (K. Keuler, K. Radtke)
  • Decomposition of Dynamic Changes in Future European Climate (R. Brogli, S.L. Sørland, N. Kröner, D. Lüthi, C. Schär)
  • A Long-term Hindcast Simulation with COSMO-CLM² over Antarctica (N. Souverijns, A. Gossart, S. Lhermitte, I. Gorodetskaya, M. Demuzere, J. Lenaerts, N. van Lipzig)

Plenary presentations VI

  • Coupling COSMO-CLM regional climate model with the WaSiM hydrology model (G. Smiatek, H. Kunstmann)
  • Assessing the climate change in Southern Germany with very high resolution climate projections (N. Laube, H.-J. Panitz, G. Schädler, J. Hackenbruch)
  • Using Convection Permitting Climate Models for future proof building (D. Ramon, H. Wouters, N. Van Lipzig, K. Allacker)
  • Statistical-dynamical downscaling of climate projections for climate change adaptations of transport infrastructure (M. Haller, S. Brienen, B. Früh)
  • The quality of vertical interpolation in one- and two-way atmospheric couplings: analysis and new developments (E. Maisonnave, A. Will)
  • COSMO-CLM at Freie Universitaet Berlin in master courses and graduate schools using VAST (I.Kirchner)

Discussion on the status of the COSMO-CLM evaluation

  • Evaluation of a new standard configuration of CCLM version 5.0 over Europe (K. Keuler)

Evening Keynote

  • The past, present and future of regional climate modelling (working title) (F. Giorgi)

Solicited Talk III

  • A review on regional convection-permitting climate modelling: demonstrations, prospects, and challenges (N. van Lipzig)

Presentations in Working Group Meeting

  • SOILVEG ()
  • AIO ()
  • ICON ()
  • OASIS ()
  • CCAR ()
  • DYNUM ()
  • CP ()
  • CRCS
  • EVAL
  • CEPC5.0

Reports from the working groups

  • CCAR (B. Vogel)
  • SOILVEG (E. Davin)
  • EVAL (I. Anders)
  • CRCS (A. Ferrone)
  • SUPTECH (A. Kerkweg)
  • CP (A. Dosio/ H.-J. Panitz)
  • FOP (M. Tölle)
  • OASIS (J. Brauch)
  • SAB (B. Rockel)
  • CO (B. Früh)