Namelist-tool / Model Configuration

Climate mode configurations and NWP configurations together with a short description of the configuration (namelist) parameters are made available for the two main programs int2lm and COSMO. The configurations are made available for the current operational applications of COSMO and the recommended CLM-Community configurations.

Please visit the namelist-tool portal for detailed information.



Warning ! Please be aware that currently a severe time step dependence of COSMO-CLM simulation results exists. This issue is still unresolved.

WG SUPTECH strongly recommends to use ONLY the recommended COSMO-CLM configuration for simulations in the EURO-CORDEX domain (available at http://www.clm-community.eu/namelist-tool/namelist-tool_portal/namelists/cosmo_all/CCLM-EU165_5.0_clm6.txt).

For every other even slightly changed configuration (e.g., domain size, resolution, atmosphere height, time step, tuning parameters, etc.), tests are necessary whether the new configuration encounters this problem; e.g., the recommended configuration with a time step of 120s leads to the reported unrealistic behaviour of the simulation.

In these tests the tested configuration should be run with at least 2 different time steps and the results should be compared w.r.t. the RMSE of the PSML. If they differ significantly, the results should be analysed against observations or, if a simulation optained by using a third time step gives comparable results to one of two other simulations, then as far as it is known up-to-now, the time steps with comparable results are assumed to be more realistic. Please consider, that the time steps of-course need to fulfil the CFL criterion.

For a completely different domain extensive tests are necessary to find a suitable configuration for that domain.

For more details on the proceeding, please use the forum!