CLM-Community Assembly 2019, 17 - 20 September 2019, Paestum, Italy

🔑 Talks

Recent developments of the COSMO-CLM system, Burkhardt Rockel (HZG)

Experiences with ICON-CLM and its starter package, Burkhardt Rockel (HZG)

Online diagnostics for the CLM-Community, Astrid Kerkwerg (Univ. Bonn)

Evaluation of an ERA-Interim steered EURO-CORDEX simulation with the regional ocean-atmosphere model ROAM1.0 and first steps in the direction of ROAM2.0, Jennifer Brauch (DWD)

Computational Performance of Higher Order Numerical Schemes in COSMO Model, Andreas Will (BTU)

Results of statistical downscaling of COSMO-CLM convection-permitting simulations with PCA-derived weather patterns, Michael Haller (DWD)

Analysis of convection-resolving COSMO-CLM simulations for Germany, Susanne Brienen (DWD)

Effects of shallow convection schemes in perennial convection-permitting simulations with CCLM and WRF, Heimo Truhetz (Univ. Graz)

Evaluation of high resolution convection permitting simulations over the period 2000-2010, Mario Raffa (CMCC)

Atmospheric Moisture Effects on Deep Convection in the Western Mediterranean, Alberto Caldas-Alvarez (KIT)

High Resolution Urban Climate Modelling, Johann Zuger (AIT)

Comprehensive Study of the COSMO-CLM Performance over Central Asia, Emmanuele Russo (Univ. Bern)

Implementation of blowing snow and improvement of albedo and surface mass balance in COSMO-CLM over Antarctica, Sam van den Brouke (KU Leuven)

Analysis of heat-related hazard reducing actions during heatwaves in Berlin with an urbanized regional climate model COSMO-CLM/DCEP-BEM, Luxi Jin (Univ. Berlin)

Modelling the impact of urban climate on vector borne malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa using COSMO-CLM – The example of Kampala, Uganda, Oscar Brousse (KU Leuven)

The FINO database and its applicability for model evaluation, Ronny Petrik (HZG)

Regional climate and process studies in South Asia CORDEX: An information theory perspective, Praven Kumar (Univ. Frankfurt)

Influence of horizontal resolution on simulations of extreme precipitation episodes, Klaus Keuler (BTU)

Long-term variability of European climate extremes, Hendrik Feldmann (KIT)

Producing regional climate projections for Europe through the PRINCIPLES project + CORDEX CORE, Silje Soerland (ETH)

Sensitivity of mid-latitude temperature to albedo parameterization in the regional climate model COSMO-CLM linked to extreme land use changes + CORDEX FPS LUCAS, Merja Tolle (Univ. Giessen)

Influence of spectral nudging on convection permitting simulations + CORDEX FPC CPS, Ivonne Anders (ZAMG)

CORDEX-FPS ELVIC: a convection-permitting model ensemble over the Lake Victoria region + CORDEX FPS ELVIC, Jonas van der Valle (KU Leuven)


CCLM CORDEX CORE Africa: Status and first Results, Hendrik Feldmann (KIT)

Impact of the Agulhas current on Southern African hydroclimate, Nele Tim (HZG)