Preprocessing of data and preparation of COSMO-CLM simulations



🔑 Namelist Tool

Explanation of namelist parameters for COSMO-CLM and INT2LM. Comparison of different namelists.


Use WebPEP@DKRZ for the creation of external parameters for COSMO-CLM. 

Create external data set for a COSMO-CLM simulation area.
WebPEP@DKRZ has to be used to get the *nc files. The documentation is not yet ready - in case of doubts use the explanations of the old WebPEP (below). 

🔑 WebPEP (deprecated)

This is the old WebPEP tool. It should't be used for the creation of external parameters anymore. It can still be used for the preview function of the domain in case this doesn't work in WebPEP@DKRZ. 

🔑 Vcoord Creator

Create vertical coordinate coefficients of terrain-following z-coordinates.

  Coordinate Converter

Convert geographical to rotated coordinates and vice versa.

🔑 Pole Converter

Convert between the rotated pole and the origin of a rotated grid.

🔑 Wavenumber calculator

Calculate the maximum wave number for spectral nudging.

🔑 merge EXTPAR 

Program for merging several EXTPAR files into one large file.

Preprocessing of data and preparation of ICON-CLM simulations



🔑 ICON Webservice

Create necessary ICON grid parameters for a domain and create an external data set based on the EXTPAR program

🔑 R and B finder

Helps to find approximate RxxByy for an ICON grid for a required grid mesh size

🔑 WebPEP-go (grid only)

Choose a simulation domain and receive a command to create a netCDF file with the appropriate grid information.


 Postprocessing and data analysis tools




Valid range check for model output.


NCL library for plotting COSMO data. Especially examples and colourbars might be helpful.

🔑 Remapping tool

The purpose of the package is to remap variables from a native rotated grid to the respective regular grid. Taking care that variables with a strong land-sea contrast retain this property.


Climate model output rewriting of COSMO-CLM climate model data for CORDEX

ETOOL ETOOL_v3 for use at convection resolving scales is available at DKRZ (Levante)


Third-Party Applications for postprocessing and data analysis tools




Visual browser for NetCDF files.


A collection of command line Operators to manipulate and analyse Climate and NWP model data (NetCDF and Grib).


Toolkit to manipulate and analyze data stored in NetCDF format.


 🔑 = CLM-Community login required or DWD web service login required