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ICCARUS (formerly COSMO / CLM / ICON / ART User Seminar)

The ICCARUS (Icon Cosmo Clm ARt User Seminar) takes place yearly in the headquarters building of DWD in Offenbach, Frankfurter Straße 135, Germany, and is organized in sessions on data assimilation, external parameters & boundary conditions, numerics & dynamics, physical parameterizations, NWP and regional climate model applications, predictability & ensemble systems, and verification & evaluation.


It brings together developers and users of the non-hydrostatic COSMO- and ICON models, which are used in numerical weather predication as well as climate simulations and air quality modeling and its feedback with the atmosphere. The meeting is organized by DWD in cooperation with the CLM-Community and the COSMO-ART community. Contributions on other mesoscale models are also welcome.


The organizers are Daniel Rieger (DWD, COSMO, ICON), Christian Steger (DWD, CLM), Bernhard Vogel (ART, KIT-Karlsruhe), Barbara Früh (DWD, CLM) and the background team Daniel Egerer, Anja Thomas and Bernd Kress (DWD).


New name
Logo_ICCARUS_2018 The previous name of the event "COSMO / CLM / ICON / ART User Seminar" has become too bulky and boring for the organizing team in the meantime. Therefore, last year conference participants were invited to participate in a name and logo competition. ICCARUS stands for the Icon Cosmo Clm ARt User Seminar. In addition, a new logo was searched. Among the logo proposals, Nora Leps (University of Frankfurt) has submitted the most beautiful. This is hand-drawn.


The next ICCARUS Seminar is scheduled for 18 - 22 March 2019 - please find more information on






The ICCARUS 2018 took place from 26th to 28th February 2018 in the headquarters building of DWD in Offenbach, Germany, Frankfurter Straße 135.Gruppenfoto_MK


The seminar was held from Monday 9.00 to Wednesday 16.00.


Here some seminar information:

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