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Working Group: Funding Opportunity Platform (HORIZON2020)

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The group was active from 2013 to 2015.



Merja Tölle



Coordinate and elaborate a joint proposal for HORIZON2020.



Bodo Ahrens (GU Frankfurt, Assembly 2014), Ivonne Andres (ZAMG; EVAL), Jennifer Brauch (DWD; OASIS), Erwan Brisson (GU Frankfurt, Assembly 2014), Edouard Davin (ETH Zurich; SOILVEG), Andreas Dobler (FU-Berlin), Alessandro Dosio (JRC; IPCCAR5), Hendrik Feldmann (KIT), Barbara Früh (DWD, CLM-Community Coordinator; SUPTECH), Sven Kotlarski (ETH Zurich), Simon Krichak (Tel Aviv University), Gregor Leckebusch (BHAM), Patrick Ludwig (Uni Cologne), Daniel Lüthi (ETH Zurich), Eric Maisonnave (CERFACS), Paola Mercogliano (CIRA), Swen Metzger (CYI), Dirk Pavlik (TU Dresden), Joaquim Pinto (Uni Cologne), Alexander Polonsky (NAS of Ukraine), Mark Reyers (Uni Cologne), Burkhardt Rockel (HZG), Christoph Schaer (ETH Zurich), Pasquale Schiano (CIRA), Gerd Schädler (KIT), Jürg Schmidli (ETH Zurich), Sonia Seneviratne (ETH Zurich), Silje Sörland (ETHZ), Merja Tölle (Uni Göttingen), Bernhard Vogel (KIT), Andreas Will (BTU Cottbus), Johann Züger (ARCS)


Working Group Meetings

  • DWD, Offenbach, Germany, 23.-24. September 2013 (Minutes pdf (You are not authorised to download.))

  • Assembly, Uni Frankfurt, Germany, 4. September 2014 (Minutes pdf (You are not authorised to download.))

  • CCLM Seminar, DWD, Offenbach, Germany, 4. March 2015 (Minutes pdf)

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