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Partner Institutions in the CLM community

1 Logo  Institute of Coastal Research Regional Atmospheric Modelling Burkhardt Rockel
     Coastal Impacts and Paleoclimate Frauke Feser
     Northern German Coastal and Climate Office Insa Meinke
     Ecosystem Modelling Carsten Lemmen
     Hydrodynamics and Data Assimilation Anne Wiese
2 Logo Environmental Meteorology Model development Andreas Will
     Climate Analysis Klaus Keuler
3 Logo
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
 Climate Impacts and Vulnerability Global Impact Assessments Stefan Lange
     Climate Change and Development Bin Zhou
     Regional Impacts and Adaptation Strategies Jan Volkholz
4 Logo  Institute of Meteorology WG Weather and Climate Processes Ingo Kirchner
     Climate Diagnostics Samuel Laval
5 Logo  Institute for Meteorology Mesoscale Modelling and Atmospheric Chemistry Astrid Kerkweg
6 Logo  Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research Atmospheric Environmental Research (IFU) Gerhard Smiatek
     Troposphere Research (TRO) Gerd Schädler
     Atmospheric Aerosol Research (AAF) Corinna Hoose
     Atmospheric Trace Gases and Remote Sensing (ASF) Roland Ruhnke
     Atmospheric Dynamics (AD) Gregor Pante
     South German Climate Office Janus Willem Schipper
    Scientific Simulation and Storage Support Services Scientific Computing and Simulation Inge Bischoff-Gauss
7 Logo
Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich
 Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science (IAC) Atmospheric Physics Sara Pousse-Nottelmann
     Climate and Water Cycle Christoph Schär
     Land-climate dynamics Sonia Seneviratne
     Atmospheric Dynamics Lukas Papritz
   Singpaore ETH Center Future Cities Laborotory Muhammad Omer Mughal
8 Logo
German Climate Computing Center
 Data Management Stephanie Legutke
9 Logo  Institute for Atmosphere and Environment (IAU) Mesoscale Meteorology and Climate Bodo Ahrens
    Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre Data and Modelling Centre Bodo Ahrens
10 Logo  Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change Regional and Local Climate Modeling and Analysis Heimo Truhetz
11 Logo
Catholic University of Louvain
 Earth and Life Institute Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics A. G. Lemaître Jean Pascal van Ypersele
     Climate Change and Impacts/ MACCBET Project Cecille M. Villanueva-Birriel
12 Logo  Joint Research Centre Climate Change Unit Alessandro Dosio
13 Logo
Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics
 Climatology Climate Modelling Ivonne Anders
14 Logo  Center for Energy Sustainable Buildings & Cities Johann Züger
15 Logo  Geosience Environmental Meteorology Günther Heinemann
16 Logo  Institute for Atmospheric Physics Atmospheric Flow Systems Joachim Fallmann
     Experimental and Observational Meteorology Christiane Hofmann
     Erdsystemmodellierung Klaus Pankatz
     Environmental Modelling Joachim Fallmann
17 Logo
Free National University of Mexico
 Center for Atmospheric Sciences Tropical Meteorology Ernesto Caetano Neto
18 Logo
Deutscher Wetterdienst
 Climate and Environment Climate Consulting Barbara Früh
     Climate Monitoring Frank Kaspar
   Research and Development Jürgen Helmert
19 Logo
CMCC - Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici; CIRA –Italian Aerospace Research Center
 Climate Simulations and Prediction (CSP Unit)   Leone Cavicchia
    Regional Models and Hydrogeological Impacts (REMHI Unit)   Edoardo Bucchignani
    University of Venice   Leone Cavicchia
20 Logo
EMPA - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research
 Mobility, Energy and Environment Laboratory for Air Pollution/Environmental Technology Dominik Brunner
21 Logo
Hessisches Landesamt für Naturschutz, Umwelt und Geologie
 Fachzentrum Klimawandel Hessen Heike Hübener
22 Logo  Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Geography Niels Souverijns
    Regional Climate Studies Fabien Chatterjee
23 Logo  Institute for Hydrology and Meteorology Meteorology Dirk Pavlik
24 Logo
Tanzania Meteorological Agency
Peter Nicky Mlonganile
25 Logo
National Meteorological Agency of Senegal
    Abdoulaye Sarr
26 Logo  Intstitute for Meteorology and Climatology Environmental Meteorology Günter Groß
27 Logo
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
 Marine Hydrophysical Institute Marine Climatic Research Anton Garmashov
     Department of Geoscience Alexander Polonsky
28 Logo  Institute of Physics Energy Meteorology Detlev Heinemann
29 Logo  College of Life and Environmental Sciences School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences Gregor Leckebusch
30 Logo  Institute for Atmospheric Physics Earth System Modelling Mariano Mertens
31 Logo
Georgia Institute of Technology
 College of Computing Rocky Dunlap
32 Logo
Semnan University
 Faculty of Desert Studies Climatology Mohammad Rahimi
33 Logo
Hanoi University of Science
 Department of Meteorology Climate modelling group Ngo Duc Thanh
34 Logo
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Faculty of Physik Physics Department of Atmospheric Physics Vladislav Yushkov
    Faculty of Geography Department of meteorology and climatology Pavel Konstantinov
35 Logo
Turkish Water Foundation (Su Vakfi)
 Climate - Environment Research and Development Center Ahmet Öztopal
36 Logo
Israel Meteorological Service
 Long-Range Forecasting Research Giora Gershtein
37 Logo
Hellenic National Meteorological Service
 Section 2: Model Physics Division B: Research and Numerical Weather Prediction Division Euripides Avgoutoglou
38 Logo
Tel Aviv University
 Geophysics, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences Atmospheric Sciences Shimon Krichak
39 Logo
Nanjing University
  Collaborative Innovation Center of Climate Change Jianping Tang
    Institute of Climate and Global Change Research School of Atmospheric Science Shuyu Wang
40 Logo  School of Environmental Engineering Water Resources and Coastal Engineering Ioannis Tsanis
41 Logo  Computation-based Science and Technology Research CenteR Atmosphere and Climate Modelling group Yiannis Proestos
    Energy, Environment and Water Research Center (EEWRC)   Yiannis Proestos
42 Logo
Pakistan Meteorological Department
Research and Development Division Numerical Weather Prediction, Regional Climate Modelling Syed Ahsan Ali Bokhari
43 Logo
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Ocean Physics Simeon Fongang
 Climate and Impact Cimatic Mame Diarra Bousso Dieng
44 Logo
Instituto Tecnologico Simepar
 Numerical Weather Prediction Coordination TBD Reinaldo Silveira
45 Logo
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
 Geological Sciences Wave Propagation Lab. José Rial
46 Logo
Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
 Environnement naturel et construit (ENAC) Laboratoire de télédétection environnementale (LTE) Daniel Wolfensberger
     Laboratory of Cryospheric Sciences Bert Kruyt
47 Logo Weather Forecast Services Chibuzo Agogbuo
    Numerical Weather Prediction   Eniola Olaniyan
48 Logo
King Abdulaziz University
 Center of Excellence for Climate Change Research Weather and climate modelling Mohamed Omar
49 Logo
Lanzhou University
School of Atmospheric Sciences Climate modeling and model Wang Chenghai
50 Logo
Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México
Colegio de Ciencia y Tecnologia Academia Fisica Jose Lizardi
51 Logo
National Center of Meteorology - United Arab Emirates
Research and Studies Research, Development and Training Taha AlHosari
   CFO Rashed Alawadhi
52 Logo
National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG)
 Irish Centre for High-End Computing   Paul Nolan
53 Logo
Istanbul Technical University
Meteorological Engineering - Atmospheric Sciences Climate Projections Yurdanur Unal
54 Logo Institute of Geography Department of Climatology, Climate Dynamics and Climate Change Merja Toelle
55 Logo
Alfred-Wegener-Institut - Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung
 Klimawissenschaften Atmosphärische Zirkulationen Heidrun Matthes
56 Logo
Nigerian Environmental Study Team
Climate Research and Adaptation Policy Climatic Research and Scientific Advisory Group Nsikan-George Emana
57 Logo
University of Tehran
Department of Water Resources Husain Najafi
58 Logo  School of Environmental Science and Engineering Climate Change Research Lab Seun-Ki Min
59 Logo
National Meteorological Office Algeria
National Center of Climatology Climate Monitoring Halimi Lotfi
   South departement of Tamanrasset GAW station of Tamanrasset(Global Atmospherique watch Sidi Baika
60 Logo Geography Department Climatic Geography Sebastian Schubert
     Physische Geographie Luxi Jin
61 Logo
Norwegian Meteorological Institute
Research and Development Model- and Climate analysis Andreas Dobler
62 Logo Meteorologisches Institut Robert Redl
63 Logo
Indian Institute of Technology
 Civil Engineering Department Water Resources Engineering Nikhil Ghodichore
64 Logo  Energy and Process Engineering Industrial Ecology Francesco Cherubini
65 Logo
Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde
 Department of Physical Oceanography and Instrumentation Regional climate modelling Markus Meier
66 Logo
National Institute of Meteorology - Brazil
Numerical Processing Service Numerical Modeling Gilberto Bonatti
67 Logo
Meteorological Services Department of Zimbabwe
Numerical Weather Prediction Section Sinclair Chinyoka
68 Logo
Universität Pierre und Marie Curie - Sorbonne Universités - France
69 Logo
A.M. Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences - Russia
LME Iya Belova
70 Logo   Elham Fakharizadeshirazi
71 Logo  Institute of African Research and Studies   Gamil Gamal
72 Logo
Institute of Meteorology and Water Management - National Research Institute (IMGW-PIB) - Poland -
 Centrum Meteorologicznej Osłony Kraju   Andrzej Wyszogrodzki
   Department of Numerical Weather Prediction COSMO   Adam Jaczewski
73 Logo
Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
 Climate research at the Rossby Centre   Marco Kupiainen
74 Logo Faculty of Bioscience Engineering Laboratory of Hydrology and Water Management Matthias Demuzere
    Laboratory of Hydrology and Water Management Jessica Keune
75 Logo
Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry
 Atmospheric Chemistry   Benedikt Steil
    Satellite Remote Sensing   Vinod Kumar
76 Logo  Istituto di biometeorologia   Marco Moriondo
77 Logo
Boğaziçi University - Turkey
Center for Climate Research and Policy Studies Climate Research Levent Kurnaz
78 Logo  Modeling of Atmospheric Processes Bernd Heinold
79 Logo
Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences - China -
 Key Laboratory of Ocean Circulation and Waves Ocean Dynamics and Climate Delei Li
80 Logo Department of Research and Development Climate Change and Variability Hannes Rautenbach
81 Logo  Department of Meteorology Sebastian Scher
82 Logo
University of Bergen - Norway
 Geophysical Institute Meteorology Harald Sodemann
83 Logo
Swami Vivekananda Institute of Science & Technology - India
Department of Physics Sourabh Bal
84 Logo
Agence Nationale de la Météorologie - Burkina Faso
Climate Department   Ouedraogo Ousmane Aly Yabyoure
85 Logo
Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki - Greece
 Physics Environmental Physics Anthi Chatzopoulou
     Atmospheric Physics Sofia Papadogiannaki
86 Logo  Environmental Resource Centre Environmental Research & Innovation Andrew Ferrone
     Agro-environmental Systems Mauro Sulis