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Working Group: Dynamics and Numerics

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Andreas Will (BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg)



Nico Becker (FUB), Erwan Brisson (GUF), Ernesto Caetano Neto (Uni Mexico), Andreas Dobler (Met. Norway), Hendrik Feldmann (KIT), Oliver Fuhrer (Meteoswiss), Oliver Gutjahr (MPI), Nora Leps (GUF), Jack Ogaja (Brown, USA), Hans-Jürgen Panitz (KIT), Praveen Kumar Pothapakula (GUF), Christopher Purr (GUF), Pasquale Schiano (CIRA), Linda Schlemmer (ETHZ), Sebastian Schubert (HUB), Markus Thürkow (FUB), Heimo Truhetz (Univ. Graz), Andreas Will (BTU)



The Working Group Dynamics and Numerics aims to contribute to further development of the system of the hydro-thermo-dynamical equations (dynamics) and of the methods of its solution (numerics) in the COSMO model. This includes the boundary conditions for the dynamic variables and the parameterisation of unresolved dynamics.

The group is collaborating with the COSMO WG 2, WG 3a and the related COSMO projects focussing on aspects important on climatological time scales.

Contributions with respect to the dynamical core (analytical equations), numerical methods (discretisation) and real and idealized tests are welcome.


Ongoing Projects

1. Higher order explicite schemes for horizontal discretisation of Euler equations (J.Ogaja and A.Will)

2. Optimal configuration of lateral boundary relaxation and of the top boundary Rayleigh damping (A.Will, J.Ogaja)

3. Two-way coupling of ECHAM6 and COSMO-CLM (I. Kirchner, P. Lorenz, M. Thürkow, S. Weiher and A.Will)

4. Two-Way Coupling of ARPEGE and COSMO-CLM (E. Maisonnave, A. Will)

5. Methods of interpolation of boundary conditions (A.Will)

6. Optimization of boundary conditions and reduction of precipitation bias (Nora Leps)

7. Analysis of causality between atmophere and ocean dynamics using information theory (Praveen Pothapakula)

8. Numerical errors in COSMO and ICON, ITC (A.Will)


Finished projects

Numerical Instability or "Day After Tomorrow" in leapfrog scheme (contact A.Will for details)

Time step dependency in cosmo_4.8 (D.Lüthi, K.Keuler)


Meetings and Reports:

Workshop from 31.8.-1.9.2006 in Potsdam (see materials)

CLM-Community Assembly 2009,Karlsruhe

CLM-Community Spring Meeting 2010, 5.March, Langen Minutes_WG_DYNNUM_SpringMeeting_20100305_final.pdf (You are not authorised to download.)

CLM Community Assembly 2010 Berlin

CLM Community Spring Meeting 2011, Langen

CLM Community Assembly 2011 Cava de Tirreni

CLM Community Spring Meeting 2012, Offenbach

CLM Community Assembly 2012, Leuven

CLM Community Spring Meeting 2013, Offenbach

CLM Community Assembly 2013, Zürich

CLM Community Spring Meeting 2014, Offenbach, joined meeting with COSMO WG2

CLM Community Assembly 2014

Annual Report 2014/2015 (You are not authorised to download.)

Annual Report 1-6 2016 (You are not authorised to download.)

CLM Community Assembly 2016, Lueneburg, minutes

WG Report 9.2017 (You are not authorised to download.)

WG Report 3.2018


Ogaja, J.; A.Will (2016) Fourth order, conservative discretisation of horizontal Euler equations in the COSMO model and regional climate simulations. Meteorologische Zeitschrift (in print), V.25