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Preprocessing and preparation of CCLM-simulations

Namelist ToolMeaning of namelist parameters for CCLM and INT2LM. Comparison of different namelists.
WebPEPDetermining a CCLM simulation area and creating the appropriate external data set.
Vcoord CreatorCreate vertical coordinate coefficients of terrain-following z-coordinates
Coordinate ConverterConvert geographical to rotated coordinates and vice versa
Pole ConverterConvert between the rotated pole and the origin of a rotated grid
Wavenumber calculatorCalculate the maximum wave number for spectral nudging
merge EXTPAR Template for merging several EXTPAR files into a single large one


 Postprocessing and data analysation tools from CLM-community or COSMO

ETOOLPerform some basic analysis of CCLM output  data and validate to the E-OBS gridded observational data.
ncdf4UtilsR package for plotting netCDF formatted model output data. Support of rotated grid coordinates.
VisNCLCosmoLibraryNCL library for plotting COSMO data Especially examples and colourbars may help.


Third Party Applications for postprocessing and data analysation tools

NcviewVisual browser for netCDF files
CDOA collection of command line Operators to manipulate and analyse Climate and NWP model Data.
NCOToolkit to manipulate and analyze data stored in netCDF format



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