The user support is organized by the CLM-Community working group SUPTECH . There are several sources from which community members can get support. 

The community internal wiki 🔑 contains a lot of technical and source code information.

In case of problems, please post your questions in the CLM-Community forum . Please include all information necessary to understand the problem (you can also upload files such as the error report, the YUSPECIF file showing your model configuration, or plots of the output).

To report bugs one has to fill out the “New issue” form for the respective Project (i.e. part of the model system) on the RedC page. Before you fill out the form, please make sure, that the issue you encountered is really a bug and has not been caused by another problem. Before a bug is reported the issue should be discussed in the forum. Developers are listed on the RedC page -> Projects.

Several other utilities are available that can be used by all community members, such as the Namelist Tool, the starter package, or some postprocessing software. An overview is available.

In case of questions related to the community membership, please contact the coordination office .

The following table provides additional information for specific keywords/topics:


Please, do not forget to state that you used the “COSMO model in Climate Mode (COSMO-CLM)” and, please, also include the state­ment “COSMO-CLM is the community model of the German regional climate re­search community jointly further developed by the CLM-Community” in each publication.

Please remember, that part of your scientific success relies on the work of those people providing the reference mo­del setup, maintaining the codes, etc. Therefore, it would be more than a sign of courtesy to offer them co-authorships once in a while.

Administration tool

Tool for the CLM-Community administration and membership management 🔑. Access permissions are on the coordinators and administrators.


Special information for new members of the CLM-Community on the structure of the community and on the first steps with the model COSMO-CLM are provided in the section For Beginners '

Bug reports

Report bugs in the model code or community tools to

Climatological background data

To create the external forcing data file, including e.g. land-sea-mask, soiltype, vegetation cover, in rotated coordinates please use the EXTPAR web front-end WebPEP@DKRZ and as the preview of the domain is not yet working properly there, the old WebPEP might help 🔑.

Forgotten password

Selfservice for community members to reset passwords.

Forum and Wiki

The Forum of the CLM-Community can be accessed via the clm-community management portal. The user name and the initial passwort have been sent to each community member in the Welcome E-Mail. The discussions in the forum are public. To add an own contribution you need to log in.

Information belonging to the work in the different working group are given as wiki entries in the working group area  🔑.



Support mailing list:  

Initial- and Boundary Data

For some GCMs programs 🔑 to convert the forcing data to INT2LM-format are already available. At the HPC system at Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum (DKRZ), some already converted datasets are available. An overview can be found here 🔑.

Namelist settings

The namelist parameters are described in the User Guide of the COSMO model and also in the Namelist-Tool 🔑. The namelist settings for configurations for different regions and/or resolutions are also available in the Namelist-Tool 🔑.

Output parameter list

An overview of the possible output variables of COSMO-CLM is availalbe here .


The 'SAnity check for MOdels of the Atmosphere' -Tool is part of the COSMO-CLM Starter Package and SPICE respectively. The tool checks for some output variables if the values are within a reasonable range. The margins specified in the samovar.list file might be adjusted depending on the model area.

Source codes

From the wiki pages the source codes of the recommended version of COSMO-CLM 🔑 and INT2LM 🔑 can be downloaded. The user name and the initial password have been sent to each community member in the Welcome E-Mail.


Runtime environment for ICON-CLM. SPICE (Starter Package for ICON-CLM Experiments 🔑 ) is available via wiki together with further information and on Zenodo . See documentation .

Starter package (COSMO-CLM)

Contains everything to run a COSMO-CLM simulation. The starter package 🔑 is available on the wiki page. See documentation .


Points of contact for community software and tools:


Point of contact


M.-E. Demory

Climatological test suite



N. N.


J. Jucker


N. N.

namelist tool

I. Kirchner


N. N.


Isabel Kraut

SPICE (Starter Package for ICON-CLM Experiments)

B. Geyer

Starter package COSMO-CLM

B. Geyer

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