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    The WG model developments (MODEV) deals with continuous model developments which are ongoing in the CLM-Community. The goal of the WG is to pool the knowledge about ICON(-CLM) within the CLM-Community in one WG. This will support faster progress of model developments.
    The new WG will not be a body that solves model-related issues for community members on request. Still, it will be a platform in which members of the CLM-Community dealing with model developments can exchange their knowledge and support each other.

    The detailed concept can be found in the following document .

    🚫Wiki page of the working group


    Membership is restricted to community members who are actually involved in any kind of code development with the community model ICON-CLM. Each member must officially request a specific model development task/project via the CO group or has to be directly involved in the model development in another way (e.g. coordination, gate keeper, developer of community software related to ICON-CLM, ...). This development task should be coordinated in advance with the ICON- NWP developers to avoid overlapping work. Members will get developer status, giving them access to the ICON-NWP GitLab. Each member is committed to add his/her code development to the official version of the ICON code according to the regulations for back-merging of new developments into the official code (see here ). Only under these conditions can the development also be supported by DWD staff and ensures continuous development of the model for the benefit of all model users.


    For meetings and minutes please check the community management pages 🔑.

    🔑 = CLM-Community login required

    🚫 = WG MODEV members login required

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