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CORDEX South Asia

The Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX) is a strategic approach to understand the regional climate changes and the fidelity of climate models. It provides a common modeling framework, where  different groups from all over the world are participating. As a part of the program, CORDEX South Asia is intended to establish a common ensemble of climate projections for South Asia.

Model domain

Contributing partners from the CLM-Community

  • Bodo Ahrens (GUF, Frankfurt)

  • Shakeel Asharaf­ (GUF, Frankfurt)

Simulations performed or planned by the CLM-Community

CORDEX South Asia simulations (historical and scenario RCP4.5, see below the Table) were carried out with the non-hydrostatic limited area model COSMO-CLM. Boundary conditions are taken from a simulation with the coupled atmospheric-ocean general circulation model MPI-ESM-LR. The simulations were performed on a rotated coordinate system, and the domain covers almost the whole South Asia region (see the figure).

One ERA-Interim driven run using COSMO-CLM was also performed (for the time period 1989 - 2008 ) on the same rotated grid. Additionally, simulations on similar domains with ECHAM5 forcing are available at different resolutions.



1950 -2005

RCP 4.5



GUF - finished

GUF - finished

Model Setup

  • Version: int2lm_090213_1.9_clm3 / cosmo_090213_4.8_clm17

  • Configuration outputs of the ERA-Interim driven simulation:


    • COSMO-CLM YUSPECIF (not yet available)


Mujumdar, M., Sabin T.P., Priya P., Sanjay J., Revadekar J. V., Krishnan R., Nikulin G., Asharaf S., Jones C., Ahrens B., Rixen M.: Simulation of summer monsoon rainfall over the Western Ghats in CORDEX models. Talk at CORDEX 2013, Brussels, 4--7 Nov. 2013

Krishnan, R., P. Priya, T.P. Sabin, M. Mujumdar, J. Sanjay, S. Asharaf, B. Ahrens, C. Jones, G. Nikulin, M. Rixen: CORDEX multi-model assessment of patterns of rainfall and circulation variability associated with 'breaks' in the Indian monsoon. Talk at CORDEX 2013, Brussels, 4--7 Nov. 2013

Sanjay, J., M.V.S. Ramarao, J. Kim, T. P. Sabin, G. Nikulin, S. Asharaf, R. Krishnan, C. Jones, B. Ahrens, M. Mujumdar, F. Giorgi, D. E. Waliser, M. Rixen: CORDEX Regional Climate Models Performance in Present-day Climate for South Asia. Poster at CORDEX 2013, Brussels, 4--7 Nov. 2013

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