14 South-East Asia

CORDEX South-East Asia

The Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX) is a strategic approach to understand the regional climate changes and the fidelity of climate models. It provides a common modeling framework, where  different groups from all over the world are participating. As a part of the program, CORDEX East Asia domain is intended to establish a common ensemble of climate projections for East Asia. The CLM-Community employs the regional climate model COSMO-CLM on the South-East Asian modeling domain.

Model domain

Contributing partners from the CLM-Community

Merja Tölle (JLU, Gießen)

Simulations performed by the CLM-Community

An evaluation run was performed by JLU Gießen using ERAinterim data as boundary forcing for the time period 1984 - 2004. It is a high resolution run at 0.125° (approx. 14 km) with 450 x 240 grid points.



1950 -2005

RCP 4.5



JLU - planned

JLU - planned

 Model Setup

  • Version: int2lm_090213_1.9_clm3 / cosmo_090213_4.8_clm17

  • Configuration outputs of the ERA-Interim driven simulation:

    • COSMO-CLM YUSPECIF (not yet available)

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