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The Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX) is a strategic approach to understand the regional climate changes and the fidelity of climate models. It provides a common modeling framework, where different groups from all over the world are participating. As a part of the program, the CORDEX Arctic domain is intended to establish a common ensemble of climate projections for the Arctic. The CLM-Community employs the regional climate model COSMO-CLM for the Arctic on a domain that corresponds to the CORDEX Arctic domain.

Model domain

Contributing partners from the CLM-Community            

  • Günther Heinemann (University of Trier and MPI-M, Hamburg)

Simulations performed or planned by the CLM-Community

Runs at approx. 15 km

Two evaluation runs were performed by University of Trier and MPI-M Hamburg using ERA-Interim data as boundary forcing for the winter periods 2002-2016 (AMSR sea ice) and 1979-2016 (OSI SAF sea ice). These are runs at a high resolution of approx. 15 km with 450 x 350 grid points. Comparisons with other RCMs and climate projections are planned.



1979 - 2016

RCP 8.5




2091- 2100 planned

 Model Setup

  • Version: cosmo_v5.0_clm1; int2lm v1.20

  • Configuration outputs of the ERA-Interim driven simulation:

    • COSMO-CLM YUSPECIF (not yet available)

    • INT2LM OUTPUT (not yet available)